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Connelly appointed to Illinois Supreme Court Commission

State Senator Michael Connelly (R-Naperville) has been appointed to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court Commission, which seeks to provide guidance and recommendations regarding pretrial reform in the Illinois criminal justice system.

The commission is made up of 25 members including one legislator from each caucus, judges, members of law enforcement, and representatives of the Department of Corrections.

“I’ve spent most of my career practicing law, therefore, it’s an honor to serve on this commission with some of the best in the field,” said Sen. Connelly. “I am excited to get to work on finding ways to improve the pretrial system to ensure that it’s cost effective, fair, and transparent.”

The commission must hold its first meeting within 2 months of the order being filed, a preliminary report must be filed within a year, and the final report with recommendations must be issued to the Supreme Court within 2 years.

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