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Lawmakers head into Special Session, Sen. Connelly ready to take action

State Senator Michael Connelly (R-Naperville) releases the following statement ahead of returning to Springfield for special session:

“Illinois has lagged behind in economic growth for far too long. We are losing jobs and people every single day. And now, schools are left wondering if they’ll be able to open in the fall. As the hours tick down to the end of the fiscal year, it is becoming even more critical that a true comprehensive balanced budget is passed soon.

“As lawmakers head back to Springfield for special session, we must work in a bipartisan manner to deliver a balanced budget that takes control of government spending along with structural reforms that creates jobs, grows the economy, and improves upon the way schools are funded.

“The Governor has called us back into special session to do the job that has been left undone for too long. I call on my colleagues to capitalize on this time to work together to pass full balanced budget.”

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