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Connelly along with fellow Republican lawmakers speak out against Band-Aid budget

Saying another “stopgap” budget isn’t the answer, Senate and House lawmakers came together on April 6 to once again advocate for a long-term solution for the people of Illinois. The legislators say any real plan will make common sense changes, including a property tax freeze, spending reform and caps, job creation, term limits, fair maps and pension reform.

Deputy Republican Leader Bill Brady pointed out these are all reforms that his colleagues in both the House and Senate have been working on and advocating for over the last several years as part of a comprehensive plan that will work for the people of Illinois and put the state back on the road to fiscal stability and long-term solvency.

Echoing Brady’s calls for reform, Senator Michael Connelly says the lack of job creation, the over taxation, and the inability of this state to get back on track, is what is preventing residents and employers from making a long-term commitment to stay in Illinois.

Instead of another stopgap budget, Republican legislators continue to advocate for a comprehensive plan and common sense changes—property tax reform, a cap on government spending, stimulating job creation and creating a government that works for the people—saying these are not only attainable goals, but necessary in order to secure a firm foundation for future fiscal solvency.

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