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Newly filed bills

Notable bills filed by Senate Republican this week include the following:

•     Senate Bill 869 – Requires a State and FBI fingerprint-based criminal history record check as a condition of eligibility to participate in Illinois’ child-care assistance program.

•     Senate Bill 874 – Bans controversial automated “red light” traffic cameras from DuPage County.

•     Senate Bill 930 – Extends the life of Eastern Illinois University’s “Panther Promise” tuition discount program, from July 1, 2022, to July 1, 2026.

•     Senate Bill 1301 – Recognizes concealed firearm permits from other states, provided the permits have similar licensing and education requirements.

•     Senate Bill 1356 – Allows local communities to adopt stricter laws on video gaming.

•     Senate Bill 1380 – The “Blue Lives Matter” legislation adds law enforcement, fire fighters, corrections officers and EMTs to the state’s protected class of citizens under the Illinois Hate Crimes Act.

•     Senate Bill 1409 – Provides new legal tools for authorities to prosecute cases involving the financial exploitation and identity theft involving elderly persons and persons with disabilities.

•     Senate Bill 1708 – Requires applicants for initial eligibility for public aid benefits to pass a drug screening.

•     Senate Bill 1862 – Gives municipalities the authority to exempt themselves from one unfunded government mandate per year if compliance with the unfunded mandate creates an undue financial burden.

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